It's Time to Restain Your Log Home

Ask about our cabin staining services in Dalton, NH

The exterior of your log cabin takes a beating from the elements. Don't let wind, rain, snow and hail ruin your one-of-a-kind home-protect your property with professional cabin staining services from Dalton Mountain Landscaping, LLC in Dalton, NH.

Many log home owners in the area hire us for regular log staining service because:

  • It protects their property from pests and rot
  • It reduces the amount of maintenance required to keep their home in tip-top shape
  • It prevents water from infiltrating the log structure of your cabin

Our crew is recognized throughout the area for the top-quality stains we use and our care in applying them. For more details about our log home staining services in Dalton, NH, call us now at 603-616-4601.


Protect your cabin from these common issues

Is the exterior of your cabin looking worse for wear? Reach out to Dalton Mountain Landscaping today. We offer unmatched log staining services in Dalton, NH and the surrounding area. We recommend regular cabin staining services to:

  • Prevent airflow issues in your log home
  • Reduce the risk of water damage
  • Stop mold and mildew growth
  • Keep out insects, rodents and other pests

Additionally, log home staining services can also keep your cabin looking beautiful year-round.