Maintaining Your Lawn Can Be Hassle-Free

Ask us about our lawn mowing service in Dalton, NH today

You're a busy homeowner who's always running from one task to the next. It's understandable to put lawn care on the back burner. Hire a professional landscaper to relieve some of your stress.

Homeowners and business owners in Dalton, NH choose Dalton Mountain Landscaping, LLC for:

  • Lawn mowing service. Schedule weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing service for your yard.
  • Irrigation system maintenance. We'll inspect and resolve any irrigation system issues.
  • Tree trimming and pruning service. Tame unruly branches and promote growth.
  • Power washing service. Get rid of dirt and debris buildup by scheduling power washing service.
We offer stump grinding and tree planting services, too. Call 603-616-4601 now to get more information.

Both tree trimming and tree pruning services are crucial to growing strong, healthy trees. Trimming your trees...

  • Reduces decay caused by dead or dying branches
  • Promotes better growth for younger trees
  • Decreases the safety hazard of falling branches
  • Makes them look healthier and more symmetrical
Take care of your trees. Schedule services with our team in Dalton, NH.